Natures Hemp


Creating with Natural Fibers and Connecting with the Creator

Hemp, Silk, Linen and Cozy Cotton are all the creators divine natural creations, they all grow from a seed planted in the earths womb.  Hemp is strain of the cannabis sativa plant.  It is one of the fastest growing plants; from the stem the cord is produced.  Many of my jewelry designs are created from hemp and cotton cord, to be honest I have chosen this natural fiber because of its quality, naturalness and strength.   My soul loves to create so I decided to develop my skills in making jewelry.  Creating and working with my hands is an extension of God working through me.  I completely surrender myself to source energy when I enter into the gates of creativity.  Creating art gives me a since of freedom leaving the earthly world, there are no limits just endless possibilities.  It is my union with the creator, a spiritual state.  There is a raw quality that hemp possess, it is a very strong fiber and works well on the body.  Cotton cord is more flexible and softer but still a strong fiber.  I had no idea the beauty hemp and cotton cord would produce creating my jewels. The jewels I hand make from natural fiber are lightweight, even the larger pieces are surprisingly lighter than other jewelry created in metal and beads.  Nature inspires my vision because in nature lies an abundance of everything we need to live naturally.  I create the Creators vision, through my wearable art. 














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