I Love To Adorn My Body With Beautiful Jewelry

I Love To Adorn My Body with Beautiful Jewelry

I adorn my body with beautiful things every day.  Let me ask you a question.....Upon waking in the morning,  do you check in with your body to see how it feels regarding what jewels or clothing you should wear for the day?  What color enhances your mood?  What jewelry will you put on to accessorize your spirit?   Are you a person who loves to adorn your body with exotic unusual jewelry, and once you put your choice of jewelry on for the day, you notice it enhances your sexiness, or it motivates your boss lady attitude.  For me my morning begins with meditation uniting with the creator.  Then I ask my spirit self, "what would I like to adorn my beautiful self with"?  If I am feeling a little down, I wear jewelry that lifts my spirit.  If I am feeling sensual, I select a piece that resonates with my passion.  Then there is my Queendom mood, I will select a regal piece of jewelry.  Do you feel what you wear doesn't affect your mood or attitude throughout the day?  I ask you when you wake up tomorrow morning, check in with yourself, and ask out loud or silently, "what should I adorn myself with today"?  Then go for it!

Spirit responds intuitively.....What we wear, what we place on our skin enhances our mood, everything has energy.   No matter how bold you chose to be or if you choose to wear a single piece of jewelry or nothing at all.  Don't be shy about experimenting with jewelry to accessorize your look or mood.

Every woman is a Queen.






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